Bathe the World Petition

Open Letter to World Governments and the W.H.O. to Recognize

Bathing As Essential

The response to the pandemic by health authorities and governments around the world is out of proportion to the risk of disease. A global misinformation campaign has fostered fear, suppressed the use of cheap, safe and effective therapies, and caused significant psychological, physical, social and economic harm, while concentrating power and profit in the hands of a few. This response has caused an outcry from medical professionals and led to a series of open letters and petitions from global health workers1, and doctors in Australia2, New Zealand3, United States4, United Kingdom5, Belgium6, Germany7, Spain8, and the Philippines9, have called for a revision of current policies and lockdown measures. 

As the world’s doctors, health workers and citizens we the undersigned acknowledge that:

–   Access to fresh air, sunshine and clean water is the simplest, cheapest and most potent health intervention on earth and bathing in the earth’s waters is an enjoyable, peaceful, social activity that links diverse cultural, spiritual and religious traditions.

–   Bathing practices such as washing the body, face and hair, along with hand washing and cleansing practices after toileting and menstruation are critical for good health, dignity, confidence and comfort.10

–   Hydrothermal and geothermal bathing activates immune defenses and builds cellular, physiological and psychological resilience against viral infections and chronic disease.11,12

–   The WHO and global governments promote false statements13  that discount and discredit the benefits of bathing and have led to censorship of positive information, closure of public bathing facilities and reduced access to natural waters.

–   Bathing offers global health benefits beyond any pharmaceutical drug, vaccine, or any other medical technology and while global health is possible without vaccines, it is not possible without universal access to clean water, which is currently lacking for one third of the earth’s population.

We demand:

  • Access to the earth’s waters be declared an essential human right.
  • Public and private bathing facilities and natural waters be declared essential during pandemics and remain open without restrictions.
  • The WHO and health authorities review their policies on bathing and actively promote hydrothermal therapies.
  • Public investment in clean water infrastructure exceeds investment in vaccines.

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