A world where bathing in clean, flowing water is possible for everyone.


Bathing is a fun, pleasurable, peaceful, social, multicultural and multigenerational activity that forms a common link across diverse cultural, religious and spiritual traditions and plays a critical role in ensuring good health, dignity, confidence, comfort and communities. Bathing is not only important for looking and feeling good. Bathing includes sanitary practices such as washing the body, face and hair, along with handwashing and cleansing practices after toileting and menstruation that play a vital role in preventing and controlling human disease.


Access to clean bathing water is a critical health issue.

Water is life and when water flows well, wellness and wealth follow. This is known by indigenous cultures who base their lifestyles around the cycles of water. We are water. Water covers two thirds of our earth and makes up two thirds of our bodies, yet if we were to count molecules, we are 99% water.

As Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Chairperson of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, states: “We are all water babies and water should be everyone’s concern . . . without water we all die. All life dies. Water is precious. We need to give thanks to water”.

Our Mission

22 June, 2018 was the inaugural celebration of World Bathing Day, a global event shining a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s relationship with water for health, happiness and cultural purposes.

Participants from 15 countries and over 50 hot springs from around the world posted images on Instagram. These countries included New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, UK, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Mexico and the USA.

In 2021, despite the continuing impacts of COVID-19, people in 22 countries united in celebration.


The Bathe The World Foundation aims to expand the conversation to embrace hygiene, health and dignity as well as comfort, beauty and joy.


Working together to make a difference

Bathe the World Foundation works in conjunction with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) through its main administration, as well as through its Hot Springs Initiative.




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