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To work towards creating clean and safe water access for all people we have established the following key initiatives.




Fundraising through Hotels and Tourism Operators

A series of fund raising and awareness campaigns will engage civil society to raise awareness and funds to support water infrastructure and help solve the world’s water crisis.

Led by the bathing and hospitality industries, the Bathe the World Fundraising Campaign aims to offer the opportunity for people to donate funds when checking out of bathing, hospitality and other services with the ability to opt-in or opt-out, donate more, and/or have funds matched by industry. Like notes in hotel bathroom asking guests to reuse towels to help save the environment, it is hoped supporting bathing projects can become an industry standard that supports bathing water for the world’s poor. Thus, the world’s more than 20 million hotel rooms have the potential to raise sufficient funds to effect meaningful global change.

World Bathing Day 2019

Get involved by registering an event for World Bathing Day 2019!

Step #1

Collaborate with friends, family and colleagues to organise a sunrise bathing session at your local hot springs or bath house on June 22, 2019. Have fun and be creative, perhaps even pick a theme which makes your event stand out! You could be holding a beautiful yoga pose floating in a remote location, or simply enjoying the rising sun.

Step #2

Register your event to be apart of the official participant list for World Bathing Day 2019

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Step #3

On the day, take a photo which captures the ‘moment’ (the rising sun, the water, the people and the location). Then share the stunning image on your personal or business’ Instagram account, remembering the hashtag #worldbathingday (You can keep track of highlights as they’re reposted on the official event Instagram @worldbathingday_)

Baby in a Bucket

Get involved by sharing a cute Instagram photo of your baby bathing in a bucket of water! #babyinabucket

Step #1

Find a bucket, preferably one with a story that tells about your culture.

Step #2

Partly fill the bucket with water and carefully place your baby inside, mindful that they are in a comfortable and safe position.

Step #3

Take a cute photo of your baby bathing in the bucket and then when ready carefully lift the baby back out. Share the image on Instagram, remembering the hashtag #babyinabucket. You might also like to talk about the important of water (for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing) in your lives and encourage others to donate to the Bathe The World Foundation.

Bathe the World event, Australia 2023

On 22 June, 2023 Witjira National Park, South Australia will host an event that aims to have one person from every nation on earth bathing together in the world’s largest thermal springs

This ‘tread lightly, leave no trace’ event will see people from all nations come together to bathe and envision a world where bathing is possible for all.

Bathe the World 2023 will be held on June 22nd, 2023 at Dalhousie Springs, the world’s largest naturally flowing hot spring and will be hosted by the indigenous custodians of this land who represent the world’s oldest living culture. Traditionally known as ‘Irrwanyere’, or ‘healing waters’, Dalhousie Springs is located on sacred aboriginal land in the Witjira National Park and is situated in one of the world’s remotest locations, on the edge of the Simpson desert in the heart of the world’s driest continent.

Bathe the World 2023 will be a unique pilgrimage and festival that brings people ‘back to the source’ and serves as a rallying cry to harness the technology, resources and political-will necessary to address the world’s water crisis. The day will coincide with World Bathing Day and a global publicity campaign and satellite events run by the bathing and hospitality industries that promote bathing as an enjoyable, peaceful, social, multicultural and multigenerational activity that is necessary for human health and happiness.

World Bathing Day 2018

22 June 2018 represented the inaugural celebration of World Bathing Day, a global event shining a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s relationship with water for health, community and cultural purposes. 

We had participants from 15 countries and over 50 hot springs from around the world posting images on the event’s primary social media platform, Instagram. These countries included New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, UK, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Mexico and the USA.

In 2019, our goal is for 50 countries to be represented.


Working together to make a difference

Bathe the World Foundation works in conjunction with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) through its main administration, as well as through its Hot Springs Initiative.




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